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Site Prep

Will very on a case by case situation, especially barns with/ a lean to and your local townships requirements. For a standard Run In or Row Barn we recommend 3-4" Deep of a Modified Stone Base be placed on top of your grade. The stone we recommend is a modified stone also called crush and run (every quarry offers something slightly different depending on your geographical location). Modified Stone will pack nicely but still drain. It makes a great base for your stall area and helps to slightly elevate the barn from ground level, as well as easily making a level site for the barn to rest. If you need help with this please let us know. By doing the stone pad 2' longer and wider then your barn, including any lean to you will help direct water away from your barn. Use your judgement, if you know the area holds water, or a lot of water runs through there, then do a slightly deeper and wider pad. You should grade your stone under a lean to away from the barn. We need to drive the barn up onto your pad so please make sure it is accessible to do so. If you have a Lean to Barn please discuss with us your plan for the lean to posts, such as sonitube footer.

You may choose to do sontiube footers for your barn with our without a lean to. Sontube is used to make a 16’-18’ Round Footer and typically 36”-42” deep. These footers are placed on all wall corners of the barn and for you lean to posts. Please ask for more guidance on this if plan to do footers for your barn. You will need a footer plan with some precise measurments. If doing footers you will also need to still do the stone pad.


Being prepared for delivery is very important. Your barn is VERY heavy, tall, and wide. You must be prepared for us to move your modular barn from the road into your desired location. Soft Ground can quickly make a mess of delivery. Please call us with any concerns, and be sure to check your sites ground situation the days leading up to delivery and contact us if the conditions are not perfect. We have may tools on the delivery truck and trailer as well as the Mule (tow motor we/ dolly wheels) to get the barn into place. But being prepared for delivery on your end saves us time and you money.

The driver allots 1 Hour to put your barn into place. Each additional hour that is needed as a result of your site situation is billed at $175 per hour. The driver is limited on their allowable work hours in a day. Taking their time on site may cause them to run out of hours and be shut down for the day. It is important you take delivery preparations serious. We are here to help with any thing your are unsure of. Please contact us to discuss your delivery situation.

Some guidelines to follow are listed here. You will need to have 14' wide clearance for a 12' wide barn and 12' wide clearance for a 10' wide barn, not including the overhang at the roof height. If we are traveling through any gates they need to be wide enough for us to turn into with clearances wider then listed above. The width needed will be dependant on the levelness of the ground we are traveling, we are using the truck or the mule, and how we are entering the gate. If we are pulling straight into the gate we are ok if the clearances are as listed above. If we are turning into the gate or the ground is not level at that point we need a wider clearance. It is sometimes best to enter before or after the gate and just remove fence posts. In most cases its easiest to travel through the fence itself with removing a fence post, then trying to remove anything connected with the gate. We will need a 14' high clearance wherever the barn will be on the truck, and a 11’ height clearance when the barn is on the Mule. Keep in mind your barn could be delivered on a tractor trailer,. Even if you have larger trucks in and out of your farm note that we are 2’ to 4' wider then a tractor trailer when the barn is on the truck. We can off load your barn from the trailer onto the Mule and more easily jockey it into place, but we do need the space to do this. Sometimes a quite street is of, or if your driveway is wide enough. We then, with the mule require a wider clearance then when the barn was on the truck, as the wheels are now outside of the barn instead of under it like when it sat on the trailer, 2' wider.

Our recommendation is to walk to the end of your drive with a tape measure. Measure and visualize how we will be doing delivery. This helps you to realize how much space is needed and what needs to be done prior to delivery. Note that your barn is Rolled into place and not lifted. For your pad it must be accessible from 3 sides for us to get it into place. If you are doing any site prep that raises any one side higher then 8” please make sure we can roll onto that area by grading up to it. Please call with any concerns. From the time the driver arrives on site you are allotted one hour of their time to set the barn. It is the drivers discretion to charge an additional $175 per additional hour needed on site. Please call us with any concerns so we can resolve them before delivery. We can use areal view maps and you walk us through on the phone, You can also send us photos.

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