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Site Prep/Delivery

Site Prep

Proper site preparation is very important for a successful delivery and the long-term stability of your new Horse Barn. The specifics will vary, depending on the type of building you purchase and the requirements of your local township. However, we have put together some basic guidelines you can use to get started.

If you have any questions, please contact us or your local township office for guidelines.

Stone Pad

We recommend creating a stone pad for your new barn in order to provide a level surface and proper drainage. The stone we recommend is a modified stone, also known as crush and run. If you need help with site preparation or have any questions, please contact us prior to delivery of your new barn.

  1. Create Your Barn Pad
    To prepare your site, you want to mark out an area that is 2' longer and 2' wider than the dimensions of your barn, including any lean to. Looking at the overall grade, you want to create a minimum of 4" deep stone base. You will use the stone to create your level plane that your new barn will rest on. Creating this elevated pad will help direct water away from your barn. If excessive water runs through the area where you will place your barn, or it is known to hold water after storms, you may want to discuss your specific situation with us further.
  2. Adding Stone
    Contact your local quarry or landscaping company to have them deliver the stone you need to create your level pad. Your quarry should be able to help you determine the amount of stone you need based on length, width and depth of your pad area. You can use a line level to provide an idea of the depth of stone you will need. Each quarry will have a different name for the type of stone you need, depending on your geographic location. Tell them you want a material that packs and drains.
  3. Level Your Pad
    After your stone is delivered, spread the stone evenly throughout the pad area and tamp it down tightly to complete your pad.

Please Note: We need to drive your new barn up onto your pad, so please make sure your pad is accessible to our truck or mule on at least 3 of the 4 sides of the pad.


For greater stability, you may choose to use Sonotube footers when preparing the site for your barn. Sonotube footers are used to create a 16" to 18" round footer that is typically placed 36" to 42" deep. Footers should be placed on all wall corners of the barn and used for lean to posts.

Please Note: Contact us to ask for additional guidance if you plan to install footers for your barn. We can provide a footer plan with precise measurements to make installation easier. You will still need a stone pad, even if you plan to use footers for your barn or lean to.

Stone Pad

"Our horses have weathered last years derrecho, hurricane Sandy, snow storms, rain storms, and this morning's storm.....how you wonder? Because that is our barn pictured. Our mares are comfortable and relaxed whether hiding in the shade from the bugs or lining up under the lean to during a storm. This was the best purchase we have made. Thank you again Sunset Barns we love our run in lean to combo!"

Lisa Swine, NJ

"I cant thank you guys enough... your work is amazing!"

Terri Philibert,CT

"They do a great job keeping out the blowing wind and cold we have had this winter. I am so pleased with everything to do with my Sunset Barn, I couldn't be happier."

Rick & Jennifer Bajackson, MD


In addition to following the site preparation instructions provided above, it is very important that you carefully evaluate your property to ensure our delivery truck has adequate clearance to reach the designated site for your new barn. We require the right conditions in order to move your modular barn from the road into your desired location.

Your new barn is very heavy, tall, and wide, so we will need to know about any potential challenges that could prevent delivery or make delivery significantly more difficult. We strongly recommend that you carefully evaluate any potential hazards that could affect delivery in the days leading up to your scheduled delivery date. Please call us with any concerns you have. We'll be happy to advise you on your particular situation.

Potential Delivery Challenges:

Soft Ground

Soft ground conditions can be a big challenge for your Modular Horse Barn delivery. If your area has experienced recent storms, snow melt or other conditions that have left the ground soft and muddy, please contact us to determine if rescheduling delivery is necessary.

Proper Clearance

Delivery of your new barn requires an extra clearance width in addition to the width of your barn. That means a standard 12' wide barn would require 14' of clearance, while a 10' wide barn would require 12' of clearance. These measurements include the overhang at the roof height. Please be sure that your property provides access at the proper clearance width from the entrance of your property to the prepared site.

Note: The mule wheels used at delivery are placed on the outside of the barn frame, making the width clearance needed 2' wider then the width of your barn.

We also need a 14' high clearance when the barn will be delivered from the truck, and 11' high clearance when the barn is delivered using our Mule delivery system.

We recommend walking to the end of your drive with a tape measure. This will help you visualize the delivery area more clearly.


If we must travel through a gate to reach your prepared site, the gate will need to be wide enough for our truck or mule to pass through. If we are pulling straight into the gate, the clearances listed above will work fine. However, if we are turning into the gate or the ground is not level in that area, we may require additional clearance space. In some situations it is best for our truck to enter your barn site before or after the gate area. This can be accomplished by temporarily removing fence posts to allow our truck to access the site. You will need to have this done before we arrive with your barn the day of delivery.

Site Accessibility

Your new Horse Barn will be rolled into place, not lifted. That means your site pad must be accessible from at least 3 of the 4 sides for us to get the barn into place. If you are doing any site prep that raises the height of the pad to 8" or more, please make sure we can roll the barn onto that area by grading up to it.

Additional Notes:
  • Please keep in mind that your barn could be delivered on a tractor trailer. Even if you're used to large trucks entering and exiting your farm, our trucks require 2' to 4' of additional clearance than standard tractor trailers due to the width of the barn.
  • We can make use of our Mule to set your barn and more easily jockey it into place, however we need space in order to do this. Our Mule may require a wider clearance than our truck because the wheels of the Mule are on the outside of the barn, rather than underneath it, as they are on the trailer of our truck.

If you have any concerns at all about your delivery, please contact us, so we can resolve any problems before delivery. We can use aerial maps and talk through the delivery over the phone or your can send us photos of your property to ensure the delivery conditions are met.

Our drivers allot 1 hour of time to properly place your barn on your designated site. Any extra time that is required, due to adverse conditions on your property, will be billed additionally.

What do we mean when we say we build quality Barns?

Quality for us is two things:

1. Start with great materials and design.

2. Take pride in our work by having attention to detail.

  • Our Shingles are nailed. We do not use staples.
  • Our Shingles have Lifetime Warranties.
  • Our Nails are aligned and not scattered everywhere.
  • Our Hardware is Powder-Coated, not Painted.
  • We use Local, Handcrafted Wooden Windows, Heavy-Duty Doors and Powder-Coated Grills.
  • We use Board and Batten Siding, not T111 or Duratemp.
  • Our Oak Kick Boards have Oak Framing behind them.