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Modular Aisle Barns

Make your dream of having your horses at home a reality! Our Modular Horse Barns are perfect for horse enthusiasts with just a few horses or large farms and stables with many horses. Choose from our Low Profile Center Aisle Barn, smaller Side Aisle Barn, or upgrade to a Full Loft Barn for the most space and convenience!

Dare to compare our Quality, Crafmanship, and Prices

Aisle Barn
Center Aisle Barn


Our Low Profile Center Aisle Barns are a cost effective way to have all of the conveniences of an Aisle Barn. You can create a layout to meet your needs for your horse and additional storage. This Barn is a great value for the budget conscious shopper.

Highwall Barn


Our High Wall Center Aisle Barns are a great option for customers who want to add aesthetics along with the convenience of our Modular Aisle Barns. We raise the wall height and the roof pitch to give you more space and a grander look. This combination keeps your barn very affordable.

Full loft barn


Build the ultimate horse barn by adding a Full Loft on top of our Center Aisle Barn. This expanded space is great for hay storage. Or you can use the loft for an office, recreation room or hobby shop. Our Full Loft Barn has many options and features to choose from.

Side Aisle Barn

Side Aisle Barns

Looking for something smaller, but still like the idea of an Aisle Barn for convenient indoor feeding and grooming? Our Side Aisle Barn might be the perfect fit. With a few modifications, we add an aisle to the front of our Standard Row Barns to create a convenient space for storing all of your essentials. This barn can be laid out and designed to meet your specifications and budget.

How do you build Aisle Barns?

We build the modular sections at our shop and deliver them with completed stalls. We then send our on-site crew to finish the barn at your location.

How long does it take?

From the time you place your order, delivery is approximately 6 weeks. Most projects take less than a week to complete on-site. Our on-site time is minimal because we build so many components prior to delivery.

Standard Features:

rough-cut oak

High-Quality Rough-Cut Oak Framing

siding icon

White Pine Board & Batten Siding

Architectural Shingles

Lifetime Architectural Shingled Roof (or optional Metal Roofing)

kicking horse icon

4' High Oak Kick Board all the way around for Maximum Kick Protection

barn door

Each stall has a 4' Wide Sliding Stall Door & Window with Steel Powder-Coated Grill

horse stall

Partitions with Steel Powder-Coated Grill

storage room

Storage Room includes a 3' Wide Service Door, Window & Floor

Need to customize your Aisle Barn?

No problem! We offer a variety of options and can combine features from many of our buildings to suit your needs. Just contact us for details!

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Aisle Barns Pricing

Center Aisle Pricing

Size # of stalls & sizes Low Profile High Wall Full Loft (includes Lift)
30x20 4-10x10 $26,145 $35,074 $39,394
30x24 4-10x12 $29,947 $40,747 $44,797
30x30 6-10x10 $35,920 $49,495 $53,767
30x36 6-10x12 $41,709 $56,658 $64,002
30x40 8-10x10 $45,708 $61,096 $68,439
30x48 8-10x12 $53,775 $70,302 $78,846
32x20 4-10x10 $27,607 $36,979 $40,168
32x24 4-10x12 $31,687 $42,060 $47,267
32x30 6-10x10 $37,990 $50,591 $56,821
32x36 6-10x12 $44,171 $59,790 $67,603
32x40 8-10x10 $48,431 $64,471 $72,276
32x48 8-10x12 $56,750 $74,199 $83,248
34x20 4-10x10 $29,068 $38,893 $43,639
34x24 4-10x12 $33,401 $44,270 $49,790
34x30 6-10x10 $40,017 $53,262 $59,849
34x36 6-10x12 $46,660 $57,449 $71,143
34x40 8-10x10 $51,154 $67,812 $76,060
34x48 8-10x12 $58,473 $78,097 $87,685
36x20 4-12x10 $29,286 $40,799 $45,806
36x24 4-12x12 $35,150 $46,497 $52,296
36x30 6-12x10 $42,097 $55,951 $62,885
36x36 6-12x12 $49,139 $66,071 $74,702
36x40 8-12x10 $54,921 $71,179 $79,854
36x48 8-12x12 $63,188 $81,316 $92,104

Side Aisle Pricing

Size # of stalls & sizes Low Profile
20x12 1-10x12 $17,148
20x14 1-10x14 $18,011
20x16 1-10x10 $20,458
20x18 1-10x12 $21,322
20x20 2-10x10 $22,680
20x22 1-10x12 $23,497
20x24 2-10x12 $24,582
20x26 2-10x10 $28,818
20x28 2-10x10 $29,857
20x30 3-10x10 $31,104
20x32 2-10x12 $31,811
20x34 2-10x12 $32,831
20x36 3-10x12 $33,906
24x12 1-12x12 $17,733
24x14 1-12x14 $18,790
24x16 1-12x10 $20,667
24x18 1-12x12 $21,705
24x20 2-12x10 $23,441
24x22 1-12x12 $24,323
24x24 2-12x12 $25,582
24x26 2-12x10 $29,404
24x28 2-12x10 $30,451
24x30 3-12x10 $31,791
24x32 2-12x12 $32,547
24x34 2-12x12 $33,760
24x36 3-12x10 $35,293

Does Not Include Site Prep or Engineered Plans.

***exchange any stall for a storage room or wash area.

Center Aisle Barns come standard with finished stalls. To include 4' high oak kick boards, partition wall w/ grill (optional solid), a window w/ grill, sliding stall front door w/ grill, and stall front finished with horizontal tongue and groove topped with a grill. Storage rooms include 3' wide service door and window. Double Sliding Aisle doors on each gable end. Full Loft Barns include a stall front ladder, hay door, window and floor. Ask us about additional options.

Side Aisle Barns come with completed stalls. Includes: 4' high oak kick boards, partition wall w/ grill (optional solid), window w/ grill, stall front to include horizontal tounge and groove, grill, and a half dutch door. Aisle includes: 4' high oak kick boards, windows w/ grill, 4' wide sliding door, and 3' wide service door.

Add a Lean To onto our High Wall and Full Loft Style Barns.

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We're proud to offer service within a 600-mile radius of the following locations— Limestone, TN; Cross Hill, SC; and Central PA.

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Aisle Barn
Aisle Barn
Aisle Barn
Aisle Barn
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What do we mean when we say we build quality Barns?

Quality for us is two things:

1. Start with great materials and design.

2. Take pride in our work by having attention to detail.

  • Our Shingles are nailed. We do not use staples.
  • Our Shingles have Lifetime Warranties.
  • Our Nails are aligned and not scattered everywhere.
  • Our Hardware is Powder-Coated, not Painted.
  • We use Local, Handcrafted Wooden Windows, Heavy-Duty Doors and Powder-Coated Grills.
  • We use Board and Batten Siding, not T111 or Duratemp.
  • Our Oak Kick Boards have Oak Framing behind them.