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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I choose Sunset Barns for my new project?

At Sunset Barns we enjoy getting to know our customers and their needs. We love making those needs into a reality and watching our customers enjoy their new dream spaces. We take pride in the fact that we're a family owned and ran company whose top priority is exceeding customer expectations. We proudly stand behind our work, providing our customers with high quality material and superb craftmanship, invaluable modular style barns and structures.

Is delivery included in the price of my shed row barn or run in shed?

Delivery prices vary for each individual barn cost such as an oversize load permit, tolls, escorts, etc. The permit dictates which roads in we can travel on which influences the number of miles driven. To get an estimate for your specific delivery cost send us an email HERE with your project details and we will email you back your quote. We currently offer delivery from 3 different locations for your convenience (Cross Hill- SC, Limestone-TN, Central PA).

How do I order my barn?

Once you have submitted your request and obtained a formal from us. We will plan a phone conversation and review your order with you, discussing site preparation, delivery, and your layout. Once you have that review, send in your signed estimate, delivery disclosure, site preparation guide, and layout design along with your non-refundable deposit check.

Deposit Breakdown:

  • $500 for row barns, run ins, and sheds
  • $1000 for lean to barns
  • 20% on larger projects

If you have a question on which deposit applies to your project, just ask.

After I submit my order, what’s next?

After we have your signed documents and deposit you will want to begin preparing your barn site. Preparations vary depending which style barn you choose, and possibly any guild lines provided by your township. You will also want to check with your local municipality on their requirements before beginning your site work. Our team is available to help guide you through the process of preparing your site. Feel free to call at any time if you have questions. Check out our standard guidelines here. You are also responsible to prepare a clear path to your barn site for the delivery of your barn (standard guild lines here).

How Long until I can expect delivery?

Your delivery date is dependent on our current lead time, size of your project, and the weather. On average our turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. If you need something specific just ask and we will do our best to accommodate to your needs.

Does Sunset Barns do site preparation, or can they inform me of what I need done?

Sunset Barns has an experienced crew who would be happy prepare your site for your barn. If you’re interested in pricing, contact us HERE to request a quote. We are here to help guide you through the whole process.

If you prefer to work with a local contractor about your barn site requirements, we are happy to talk with them and provide any details they need.

What should my delivery check list consist of?

Making sure you have reviewed the delivery disclosure and that the path to barn site meets our required clearances. You want to make sure the path to the barn site and the barn site itself are dry. Be sure that they are not wet or holding water. Your barn is very heavy and our equipment is not four-wheel drive. A little bit of soft ground can turn into a big mess quickly. Monitoring the wetness of the ground should be one of your greatest concerns for a successful delivery. Communicate any concern to us as soon as you are able to so that we can plan accordingly.

How can I visit Sunset Barns?

Sunset Barns is a web-based storefront business. We do not have a physical retail store. This key factor allows us to keep our overhead low and our prices competitive. We do have 3 building locations. If customers want to see our products and are conveniently located to one of our building locations we encourage them to set up an appointment for a visit. A salesman would travel to the location to meet with you on-site.

How can I see a Sunset Barns structure if I’m not located near a building location?

We have customers all over the East Coast and trickling into the Midwest. If you are interested in seeing a modular structure of ours, we would love to connect you with a customer we have in your area. Our past customers love sharing our products with their fellow horse community and are usually eager to have you visit.

Is my lean-to package something I could put together?

If you choose to assemble the prefab lean to kit please note: Your material will be prefabbed for easy assembly. You will be provided a gable view drawing showing measurement and material details. It is your responsibility to visually follow the drawing with the provided material and to the provide the hardware (nails, screws) of your choice. We recommend 1 ¼” Galvanized nails. If you lay out your leant to material and review you drawing you should be well on your way. If you have additional questions or need help getting started, give us a call and you can speak with a crew member who can walk you through the process.

What type of Guarantee comes with my barn purchase?

Your barn purchase includes Sunset Barns' customer guarantee. We proudly stand behind our products and although a manufacturers warranty is not provided, a quality guarantee is. Your barn is constructed of rough cut oak post and beam style framing, white pine siding and built with Amish Craftmanship. These are the same materials and designs used on the 100+ year old barns still standing here in Lancaster County, PA. We know our products will stand the test of time and your barn will age gracefully. Your barn hardware and grills are powder-coated and your shingles do have a lifetime manufacturers warranty. If at any time you feel you barn is not living up to this standard please contact us so we can resolve the issue.

Sometimes things do go wrong with your barn or hardware. At delivery your driver will review your barn with you and inform you on common questions customers have. If something occurs during delivery we will take full responsibility to repair/replace the issue. After delivery or years down the road if you have an issue or concern call us. We will replace the material in question or make the proper repairs. If your powder-coating fails at any time, let us know and we will send a replacement.

What do we mean when we say we build quality Barns?

Quality for us is two things:

1. Start with great materials and design.

2. Take pride in our work by having attention to detail.

  • Our Shingles are nailed. We do not use staples.
  • Our Shingles have Lifetime Warranties.
  • Our Nails are aligned and not scattered everywhere.
  • Our Hardware is Powder-Coated, not Painted.
  • We use Local, Handcrafted Wooden Windows, Heavy-Duty Doors and Powder-Coated Grills.
  • We use Board and Batten Siding, not T111 or Duratemp.
  • Our Oak Kick Boards have Oak Framing behind them.