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Row Barns

Quality Row Barns

Build your own horse barn and keep your horses nearby so you can ride more often! Our row barns offer solid protection for your horses and come fully assembled so you can use them the same day they arrive! We offer row barns in a variety of sizes from 10x10 to 12x48 making them the perfect choice for horse enthusiasts, trainers and even farmers.

Every row barn is crafted with your layout, specifications and options.

Standard Features:

  • High-quality rough-cut oak framing
  • Available with White Pine Board & Batten siding (or upgrade to metal siding)
  • Choose from 30 year architectural shingled roof (or upgrade to metal roofing)
  • 4' oak kick board all the way around for maximum kick protection
  • Each stall has 4x7 Dutch door & window with steel powder coated grill
  • Partitions with steel powder coated grill
  • Storage room 3x7 service door, window

Need to customize your row barn? No problem! We offer a variety of options and can combine features from many of our buildings to suit your needs. Just contact us for details!

Row Barns

Lean-To Option

Add a lean-to to your row barn and provide extra shade and protection for your horses! The lean-to is also perfect for feeding, tack and equipment storage too!

Special Offers
Row Barn

Lean-To Features:

  • 6X6 Pressure treated posts and 30 year Architectural Shingles
  • Available in 8', 10', or 12' wide
  • Enclose the gable, front, or entire lean to for added protection
  • 2x6 Rafters on Barn and Lean to
  • Handy Man? Assemble your lean to yourself. Ask us for the details
  • Add Paint, Stain, Or Metal

Contact Sunset Barns to add a lean-to to your row barn or any of our horse barn structures!

Row Barn Pricing

10' Wide Features Price With 10' Lean To 12' Wide Features Price With 12' Lean To
10x10 1-10x10 Stall $2,700 $3,825
10x12 1-10x12 Stall $2,990 $4,275 12x12 1-12x12 Stall $3,095 $4,495
10x14 1-10x14 Stall $3,200 $4,645 12x14 1-12x14 Stall $3,425 $5,010
10x16 1-10x10 Stall
1-8x10 Storage
$4,180 $5,785 12x16 1-10x12 Stall
1-6x12 Storage
$3,940 $5,705
10x18 1-10x10 Stall
1-8x10 Storage
$4,360 $6,125 12x18 1-12x12 Stall
1-6x12 Storage
$4,260 $6,205
10x20 2-10x10 Stalls $4,520 $6,470 12x20 1-12x12 Stall
1-8x12 Storage
$4,760 $6,910
10x22 1-10x12 Stall
1-10x10 Storage
$4,780 $6,890 12x22 1-12x12 Stall
1-10x12 Storage
$4,990 $7,320
10x24 2-10x12 Stalls $4,910 $7,180 12x24 2-12x12 Stalls $5,510 $8,020
10x26 2-10x10 Stalls
1-6x10 Storage
$5,660 $8,090 12x26 2-12x10 Stalls
1-6x12 Storage
$6,130 $8,820
10x28 2-10x10 Stalls
1-8x10 Storage
$5,980 $8,570 12x28 2-12x10 Stalls
1-8x12 Storage
$6,610 $9,480
10x30 3-10x10 Stalls $6,190 $8,965 12x30 3-12x10 Stalls $7,065 $10,140
10x32 2-10x10 Stalls
1-10x12 Storage
$6,330 $9,265 12x32 2-12x12 Stalls
1-12x8 Storage
$7,455 $10,710
10x34 2-10x12 Stalls
1-10x10 Storage
$6,780 $9,875 12x34 2-12x12 Stalls
1-12x10 Storage
$7,975 $11,410
10x36 3-10x12 Stalls $6,910 $10,165 12x36 3-12x12 Stalls $8,360 $11,975
10x38 3-10x10 Stalls
1-8x10 Storage
$7,550 $10,965 12x38 3-12x10 Stalls
1-8x12 Storage
$8,850 $12,645
10x40 4-10x10 Stalls $7,990 $11,590 12x40 4-12x10 Stalls $9,140 $13,140
10x42 3-10x10 Stalls
1-10x12 Storage
$8,480 $12,240 12x42 3-12x10 Stalls
1-12x12 Storage
$9,610 $13,790
10x44 3-10x12 Stalls
1-10x10 Storage
$8,820 $12,740 12x44 3-12x12 Stalls
1-8x12 Storage
$10,150 $14,510
10x48 4-10x12 Stalls $9,320 $13,560 12x48 4-12x12 Stalls $11,060 $15,780
10x50 5-10x10 Stalls $10,680 $15,105 12x50 5-12x10 Stalls $12,672 $17,595
Standards: Each stall has a 4'x7' Dutch door, a window and steel powder coated window grill. Storage room has 3'x7' door, floor and window. 4' high Oak Kick Boards. Partition between areas have steel powder coated grill. Additional lean to sizes and options available. Lean to pricing does not include assembly. Ask how you can assemble it yourself.

*Barn deposits are non-refundable.

Financing Available!

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Unfortunately, the cost of delivery outside of these areas is prohibitively high.
Inquiries about exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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