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About Us

For over a decade, Sunset Barns has been providing customers with high quality, Amish-crafted, modular horse barns. Well known for building relationships with our customers, we pride ourselves on creating a superior customer experience.

Sunset Barns values your time, your money, and your dreams. We know your relationship with your horse and your community takes hard work and dedication. That's why we're here to support you by making the process of purchasing a horse barn as easy and enjoyable as possible.


At Sunset Barns we insist on growing relationships built on trust. That includes relationships with our customers, our community, as well as our crew. For us, it's not about being at the top of the market in sales, but providing our customers with the best experience possible. Sunset Barns is not just a business to us. It is a second-generation legacy we hold to the highest standard. We care about our customers and their stories. Let us help you tell yours.

How We Began:

Robert "Butch" Donnell started Sunset Barns in the early 2000's, hauling Amish-crafted storage barns. Shortly after that, Butch created a simple website that featured just two horse barns - a run-in shed and a shed row barn. He added pictures, pricing, and his phone number. Over the next few years, Sunset Barns rose to the top of the search engines for the search term Amish-crafted modular horse barns. In response, Sunset Barns became an internet-based business with competitive prices that reached far beyond the Amish community. Soon, Sunset Barns was known for their high quality craftsmanship across the Northeast and began serving customers from North Carolina to Massachusetts. In the beginning, Butch answered every phone call, updated the website, and even delivered every barn.

How we Grew:

Throughout the years, Butch's oldest daughter, Natasha, took an interest in the business. In 2011, she was asked to monitor the phone calls while Butch took a 15-day hunting trip to Colorado.

From that point on Natasha's interest in Sunset Barns grew. She found a true joy in helping customers turn their vision into a real-life structure. She realized each customer had a story to tell and that their barn dreams really could come true. Sunset Barns had the tools and the knowledge to make it all possible. Natasha continued to support her dad as Sunset Barns grew over the following years.

How We Changed:

Sadly, in late 2014, Butch was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Earlier the next year, Natasha took over ownership of Sunset Barns, along with her husband, Jesse, who handled the delivery of our barns.

In August of 2015, the family said goodbye to Butch. Although 2015 was a very difficult year, Natasha and Jesse pridefully invested themselves in Sunset Barns and their opportunity to carry on Butch's business legacy. As Jesse and Natasha began working in their business, their desire to build Sunset Barns's brand and customer experience grew.

Since 2015, Sunset Barns has expanded our service area to include the entire East Coast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic, shipping from Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee. We continue to look for new ways to expand the grandness of our customers' experience and make a positive impact on the horse barn market.

Jesse and Natasha understand how their customers' needs intersect with their modular barn designs, helping customers save time with efficiency and value. They know there is an opportunity for every horse enthusiast to see their dreams come true, whether that's bringing home a boarded horse for the first time or building a dream center aisle barn. They have a passion for making these dreams come true and truly want to be a part of every customer's story.

From idea planning to site preparations, permitting, through completion they are dedicated to making the barn building experience enjoyable for their customers.

Where we find Joy:

The journey we get to share with our customers is what drives us to keep growing our business. We want to impact more lives on a personal level, delivering high value products to the barn community. It's a relationship where each customer's story takes center stage. We love getting that phone call or email from a customer who loves their new structure!

It’s about Family:

Sunset Barns is proud to be a family-run business. Owners Jesse and Natasha, balance running the business with family time with their 4 daughters, Jeslynne, Remington, Norah and Camryn. In her spare time, Natasha enjoys gardening and doing life the simple way. Jesse loves being outdoors and spending time with his girls.

What do we mean when we say we build quality Barns?

Quality for us is two things:

1. Start with great materials and design.

2. Take pride in our work by having attention to detail.

  • Our Shingles are nailed. We do not use staples.
  • Our Shingles have Lifetime Warranties.
  • Our Nails are aligned and not scattered everywhere.
  • Our Hardware is Powder-Coated, not Painted.
  • We use Local, Handcrafted Wooden Windows, Heavy-Duty Doors and Powder-Coated Grills.
  • We use Board and Batten Siding, not T111 or Duratemp.
  • Our Oak Kick Boards have Oak Framing behind them.