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Quality Horse Barns for Sale at Sunset Barns!

Are you a horse enthusiast looking into Small Horse Barns to keep your horses close to home for more quality time together? Do you train or breed horses and need durable, reliable Run In Sheds or a top-quality Horse Barn? Or maybe you'd like to upgrade your horse stables with a larger Modular Horse Barn?

Whether you're looking for a Horse Barn - large or small - Sunset Barns has a solution for your needs! From Small Horse Barns for a just a few horses to Large Modular Horse Barns designed for farms or training facilities, Sunset Barns has a variety of Horse Barns for sale -- all handcrafted by Amish craftsmen using time-honored post and beam construction for quality you can count on!

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Horseshoe and hay

What do we mean when we say we build quality Barns?

Quality for us is two things:

1. Start with great materials and design.

2. Take pride in our work by having attention to detail.

  • Our Shingles are nailed. We do not use staples.
  • Our Shingles have Lifetime Warranties.
  • Our Nails are aligned and not scattered everywhere.
  • Our Hardware is Powder-Coated, not Painted.
  • We use Local, Handcrafted Wooden Windows, Heavy-Duty Doors and Powder-Coated Grills.
  • We use Board and Batten Siding, not T111 or Duratemp.
  • Our Oak Kick Boards have Oak Framing behind them.