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Quality Calf Barns - Built to Last!

Create the perfect nursery area for your calves with a Calf Barn from Sunset Barns! Our Modular Calf Barns are built with post and beam construction from rough-cut oak for superior strength and durability! Available in 6-stall, 9-stall and 12-stall sizes, our Calf Barns feature a treated 6x6 sill, upright post and standard wash board lining for easy cleanup!

Need to customize your Calf Barn? No problem! Just contact us to talk about your unique needs!

Calf Barn with back curtain

Standard Features:

Back curtain

Back curtain

Galvanized swing out gates

Galvanized swing out gates with bucket holders

Removable partitions

Removable partitions

Wash Board Lining- Glasbord

Wash Board Lining- Glasbord

Metal Siding and Roof

Metal Siding and Roof

Calf Barn Pricing

Barn Pricing

Sizes Price
6 STALLS-- 8X24 $6360 ($1060/ stall)
9 STALLS--8X36 $9180 ($1020/ stall)
12 STALLS--8X48 $11,760 ($980/ stall)

Options Pricing

Options Price
Back Curtain Standard
Bucket Holder Standard
Front Curtain $25 per ft
Feed Room $39 per ft
Bottle Holders $25 each
10 qt bucket $8 each
Bucket Retainers $12 each
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We deliver your Calf Barn fully assembled and ready to use the same day! We use our own experienced delivery crews to guarantee your satisfaction!

We're proud to offer service within a 600-mile radius of Central PA.

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Calf Barn
Calf Barn
Calf Barn
Calf Barn
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What do we mean when we say we build quality Barns?

Quality for us is two things:

1. Start with great materials and design.

2. Take pride in our work by having attention to detail.

  • Our Shingles are nailed. We do not use staples.
  • Our Shingles have Lifetime Warranties.
  • Our Nails are aligned and not scattered everywhere.
  • Our Hardware is Powder-Coated, not Painted.
  • We use Local, Handcrafted Wooden Windows, Heavy-Duty Doors and Powder-Coated Grills.
  • We use Board and Batten Siding, not T111 or Duratemp.
  • Our Oak Kick Boards have Oak Framing behind them.