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Create the perfect nursery area for your calves with a calf barn from Sunset Barns! Our calf barns are built with post & beam construction from rough-cut oak for superior strength and durability! Available in 6-stall, 9-stall and 12-stall sizes, our calf barns feature a treated 6x6 sill, upright post and optional wash board lining for easy cleanup!

Standard Features:

Calf Barn

Need to customize your calf barn? No problem! Just contact us to talk about your unique needs!

Optional Accessories:

  • Front Curtain - Provides protection for calves from wind and inclement weather
  • Feed Room
  • 10 qt. bucket
  • Bucket Retainers

Calf Barn Pricing

Sizes Price
6 STALLS-- 8X24 $6360 ($1060/ stall)
9 STALLS--8X36 $9180 ($1020/ stall)
12 STALLS--8X48 $11,760 ($980/ stall)
Back Curtain Standard
Bucket Holder Standard
Front Curtain $25 per ft
Feed Room $39 per ft
Bottle Holders $25 each
10 qt bucket $8 each
Bucket Retainers $12 each

*Barn deposits are non-refundable.


We deliver your calf barns fully assembled and ready to use the same day! We use our own experienced delivery crews to guarantee your satisfaction!

Calf Barns Delivery

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We're proud to offer service within a 600-mile radius of the following locations—
Limestone, TN; Cross Hill, SC; and Quarryville, PA.

Unfortunately, the cost of delivery outside of these areas is prohibitively high.
Inquiries about exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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