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Run In Sheds

Quality Run In Sheds, Run-In Combos

Whether you're looking for an economical, always-available shelter for your horses or livestock or wish to combine the protective features of a run in shed with the added storage capabilities of our shed row barns, Sunset Barns has you covered!

Run In Sheds

Run-In Shed

Ideal for pastured horses, llamas, alpacas, goats and cows. Our run in sheds provide on-demand protection from wind and inclement weather, while allowing your animals the freedom to roam. Built from high-quality rough-oak framing using post & beam construction, our run in sheds are built to stand the test of time!

Looking for extra storage space? Our run-in sheds are also perfect for storing firewood, tractors or other equipment or supplies, providing shelter and quick access.

Standard Features:

  • High-quality rough-cut oak framing
  • Available with attractive board & batten siding (or upgrade to metal siding)
  • Choose from 30 year architectural shingled roof (or upgrade to metal roofing)
  • 4' oak kick board all the way around for maximum kick protection

Our run in sheds can also be partitioned for use with animals in different pastures. Add a tack room or stalls for added storage or convenience!

Run In / Shed Row Combos

Run In Shed Combo

Combine our standard run in shed with a shed row barn for maximum storage and convenience! Our run in shed - shed row combinations combine the shelter of a run in shed with the storage capacity of a shed and the space of a row barn! Add stalls, tack room or extra partitions.

Want to know more about our run in shed combos? Contact us for details and pricing!


Our run in sheds are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Need to customize your run in shed? No problem! We offer a variety of optional features to customize your run-shed for your needs! Just contact us for details!

Lean-To Option

Adding a lean-to to your run in shed or run-in combo is a great way to provide shade and extra comfort for your horses! Our lean-to also offers great coverage for feeding, tack or equipment storage!

Lean-To Features:

  • All wood construction
  • Standard shingle roof
  • Optional metal roofing available
  • Natural, painted or stained finish


Our run in sheds and run in combos will be delivered fully assembled and ready to use the same day! We utilize our own experienced delivery crews to ensure your complete satisfaction!

Run In Shed Pricing

8' Wide Price 10' Wide Price 12' Wide Price
8x8 $1,670 ~ ~ ~ ~
8x10 $1,880 10x10 $2,215 ~ ~
8x12 $2,155 10x12 $2,545 12x12 $2,635
8x14 $2x350 10x14 $2,740 12x14 $2,855
8x16 $2,645 10x16 $2,905 12x16 $3,055
8x20 $3,130 10x18 $3,115 12x18 $3,390
8x22 $3,285 10x20 $3,330 12x20 $3,740
8x24 $3,655 10x22 $3,540 12x22 $4,055
~ ~ 10x24 $3,845 12x24 $4,375
~ ~ 10x26 $3,975 12x26 $4,705
~ ~ 10x28 $4,295 12x28 $5,005
~ ~ 10x30 $4,620 12x30 $5375
~ ~ 10x32 $4,845 12x32 $5,740
~ ~ 10x34 $5,180 12x34 $6,020
~ ~ 10x36 $5,485 12x36 $6,440
~ ~ 10x38 $6,080 12x38 $6,750
~ ~ 10x40 $6,500 12x40 $7,050
~ ~ Tack Room $800 Tack Room $900
~ ~ Stall $800 Stall $900
Run in Shed/ Storage Combination = Add the price of the storage room, to the price for the total size building you would like. Ie; 12x24 run in shed ($4,375) plus the 12' wide storage room price ($900) equaling $5,275. Add a lean to onto your run in - call for your custom quote.

Tack Room - Includes 1 partition wall, service door, window & floor.

Stall - Includes 1 partition wall, dutch door & window with grill

*Barn deposits are non-refundable.

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