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All horse run-in sheds have oak kick panels. They're available with optional stalls, tack rooms, cupolas, and many more features.












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Equine Modular Center Aisle Barns

Make your dream of having your horses at home come true. Center aisle barns are simply two row barns erected so that they face each other, and a common roof is put on top. They are great for large farms and stables that need room for many horses. Available with a loft option - see our full loft barns. The sturdy structural features and quality construction make a lasting impression on your property. Want an overhang? We can customize any of our barns to meet your needs. Single aisle with an overhang is a Lean To. See our Lean To's for some great Ideas



Each building is built to your specifications. Pricing is dependent our your needs and options chosen. Please contact us for pricing and any questions you have,

simply email or call us at 610-476-2256 for a quote.


  • 30' with 10' Aisle
  • 34' with 10' Aisle
  • 36' with 12' Aisle
Sizes Features: # of Stalls & Size CALL FOR PRICES
30X24 4-10X12 STALLS Due to customizing
30X30 6-10X10 STALLS your barn to your
30X36 6-10X12 STALLS needs please
30X40 8-10X10 STALLS call or email us for
30X48 8-10X12 STALLS accurate pricing
30X50 10-10X10 STALLS  
30X60 10-10X12 STALLS  
30X60 12-10X10 STALLS  
30X70 14-10X10 STALLS  
30X72 12-10X12 STALLS  
30X80 16-10X10 STALLS  
30X84 14-10X12 STALLS  
Sizes Features: # of Stalls & Size CALL FOR PRICES
34X24 4-12x12 STALLS  
34X30 6-10x12 STALLS  
34X36 6-12x12 STALLS  
34X40 8-10x12 STALLS  
34X48 8-10X12 STALLS  
34X50 10-12x12 STALLS  
34X60 10-10X12 STALLS  
34X60 12-12x12 STALLS  
34X70 14-10x12 STALLS  
34X72 12-12x12 STALLS  
34X80 16-10x12 STALLS  
34X84 14-12x12 STALLS  
Sizes Features: # of Stalls & Size CALL FOR PRICES
36X24 4-12x12 STALLS  
36X30 6-10x12 STALLS  
36X36 6-12x12 STALLS  
36X40 8-10x12 STALLS  
36X48 8-12x12 STALLS  
36X50 10-10x12 STALLS  
36X60 10-12x12 STALLS  
36X60 12-10x12 STALLS  
36X70 14-10x12 STALLS  
36X72 12-10x12 STALLS  
36X80 16-10x12 STALLS  
36X84 14-12x12 STALLS  

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